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20 years of experience

Red Castile co.

has envolved from a partnership of people having a total sales and trading experience of over 20 years, RCT Company is registered in SPAIN in Real Estate & Trading activities. Throughout the years, "RCT co." has sought and secured exclusive representation of various companies and factories covering a wide range of products to satisfy the most discerning customers, and our policies are to extend and built up more business relationships with an international companies to improve our services. This policy is based on our deep knowledge of our market inquires to guarantee first hand service. We therefore invite you to visit us and we are sure that now you have an idea of the services our company can provided you, however in order to gain your impressions we ask you to try us out and personally gauge our performance.

According to decades of experience at Real Estate, our goal is always to grow as a company linked to our clients.

Their desires are the engine we achieve success. Our specialty is the purchase and sale of properties such as apartments, houses, buildings and lands in addition to the Trading of different commodities throughout Spain. We advise the client from the beginning to the end of the transaction, achieving our objectives linked to the happiness of our client, whose requirements are our guide. We invite you to trust in our services and prove yourself the quality offered.

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Mohamed Amin

Deputy Manager

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Executive Manager

Dania Madi

Arquitect & Designer