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Searching for the right property for you is our main responsibility and we take it seriously. We will work with you to understand your needs, requests, and personal lifestyle and diversify our strategy to capture the ideal solution. Our communication is comprehensive and transparent, we will cooperate with you to make the right selection and ensure that you are satisfied with the outcome. Our Group of companies leads the Real Estate market in Spain and also in Europe market - based on a solid network that takes care of the details - able to guarantee you the most professional property management service.

Property Management

  • 01.maintenance
  • 02.Purchasing
  • 03.Sell Services

• Our Property Management team can Maximize the Use of Your Money to Realize the best Net Operating Income for your Commercial Property through Marketing, Tenanting, Facility Management, Administration and Risk Management.



  • 01.Negotiations
  • 02.Analytics
  • 03.Advisers

• Looking to Purchase or Sell a Commercial Property? Red Castile S.L. can help list your property or guide your company in commercial property investment needs.


Renovation Management

  • 01.Research
  • 02.Concept
  • 03.Design

• Among our extensive range of services in real estate, Red Castile S.L. also offer Renovation Services. Projects of any scale are executed by our experienced team, able to deliver services such as Renovation and Interior Design of existing buildings, Planning Permits, Architectural design and many more. Renovation upgrades the value of your property so that it can be sold for a higher price than its current estimated value (renovating to sell).


Golden Investment Residency

  • 01.Permanent Residency
  • 02.All family Included
  • 03.Citizenship in 10years

• The Golden investment resident in Spain.

Spain launched its golden visa program in 2013, A total investment of €500,000 in one property or more, will gain all family the residency. The Spanish investor visa can be renewed every two years and after five years you gain permanent residency and after ten years citizenship. It is not necessary to live in Spain in order to retain and renew the investor residency visa only one day in europe, for more information contact us.


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